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Happy Hour Toronto

Ready to save some dollars and find hot spots for cheap drinks in Toronto? Our shortlisted favorite food & drink specials, half price wine deals, and the best happy hour spots below broken down by Toronto West, Downtown Toronto, and East Toronto:

Happy Hour in Toronto West
La Chingada
La Chingada - 1242 Dundas St W, Toronto

"Mexican Stree food (Tacos, tortas & churros) dished out in a casual space adorned with vibrant, graffiti-style murals."

Happy Hour, Everyday 4-7pm
  • $5 tacos, chips & guac, tostadas
  • 1/2 off Margaritas

  • Bar Poet
    Bar Poet - 1090 Queen St W, Toronto

    "Twinkling lights, indoor trees, cold beers, and yummy pizza."

    Happy Hour, Mon-Friday 12-5pm
  • $5 Poet Lager
  • $1 wine on tap
  • $25 salad and pizza

  • Bar'kado
    Bar'kado - 745 Queen St W, Toronto

    "Hip and trendy bar with an awesome back patio. Tapas-style dishes to share with your “barkada” (group of friends). Filipino inspired modern menu with hints of Spanish, Portuguese, American + Asian cultures. Handcrafted cocktails, specialty wines, craft beer + espresso!"

    Happy Hour, Tues-Sunday 5-7pm
  • $1 ounce of wine
  • $6 select draft beers
  • $12 Crispy Chicken Sliders
  • $12 BBQ Chicken Skewers
  • 1/2 priced oysters

  • Islas Filipino
    Islas Filipino BBQ & Bar - 1690 Queen St W, Toronto

    "HTraditional Filipino grilled fare plus tropical-inspired cocktails served in a relaxed atmosphere and great daily food and drink specials."

    Happy Hour, Mon-Sun (except Wed) 4-6pm
  • $1 ounce of wine
  • $5 select draft beers

  • Liberty Commons
    Liberty Commons - 42 Liberty St, Toronto

    "Farm-to-table cooking & craft beer at this Liberty Village modern brewpub."

    Happy Hour, Everyday 2:30-5:30pm, 9pm-close
  • $6.25 Signature beers(16oz)
  • $8 select wines (5oz)

  • Pennies Bar
    Pennies Bar - 127 Strachan Ave, Toronto

    "Local bar with colourful yellow exterior & outdoor patio serving cheap local beers, drinks & sliders."

    Happy Hour, Mon-Thurs 2-4pm
  • $2 PBR Beers
  • $5 double shots
  • free popcorn

  • Death and Taxes Free House
    The Drake Hotel 1150 Queen St W, Toronto

    "Queen West is voted the 2nd coolest neighborhood in the world by Vogue, and the Drake Hotel is definitely one of the coolest spots for drinks, nightlife, entertainment, and a wicked rooftop patio."

    Happy Hour, Mon-Friday 4-6pm
  • $6 beers
  • $1 an ounce of wine
  • $7 fancy fries
  • $10 Aperol Spritz

  • Brazen Head Irish Pub
    Folly Brewpub - 928 College St, Toronto

    "Laid-back brewpub offering house-brewed beer, plus a food menu including brisket & fish tacos, daily specials and happy hour deals."

    Happy Hour, daily 4-7pm
  • $5.75 select beers
  • $5.75 premium rails
  • $5.75 house red and white wines (5oz)

  • Brazen Head Irish Pub
    Brazen Head - 1154 Queen St W, Toronto

    "Irish-themed bar with pub grub, TV sports, an exposed-brick interior & 2 levels of outdoor seating. Their daily specials are just like happy hour but all day."

    Daily Specials
  • $7 select daily rotating draught (20oz)
  • $8 glasses of wine (6oz)
  • $4 shots
  • 1/2 off bottles of wine

  • Happy Hour in Downtown Toronto
    Anejo Mexican
    Anejo Mexican Restaurant - 600 King St W, Toronto

    "Añejo brings the magic of old Mexico north of the 49th parallel. With warm, welcoming spaces, colourful art, fresh-made food - and of course, tequila - Anejo is a place where laughter and adventure hang in the air." Also check out their Shops at Donmills location for the same amazing deals.

    Happy Hour, Everyday 3-5pm, after 10pm
  • $3 tacos
  • 1/2 off tequila
  • $6 beers and margaritas

  • King taps
    King Taps - 100 King St. W

    "Multi-level beerhall with 50 beers on tap, pub staples, sports & outdoor seating."

    Happy Hour, Daily 2-5pm, Sun-Thurs 9-close
  • $5 King Taps Pale Ale
  • $6 house wines (5oz)
  • $14 tacos x 3
    Tuesday & Wednesday
  • 1/2 off bottles of wine

  • Melrose
    Melrose on Adelaide - 270 Adelaide St. W

    "Initimate charcuterie & Cocktail bar in the Entertainment district with great food and drink specials."

    Happy Hour, Daily 2-6pm
  • $5 draft beer, $7 glasses of wine, $11 cocktails
  • $20 charcuterie boards
  • buck-a-shuck oysters
  • 1/2 off bottles of wine

  • Earl's King
    Earl's - 150 King St. W

    "Sleek and upscale, serving gourmet burgers, global comfort food, cocktails, wines, beers & too many happy hour specials and daily deals to list."

    Happy Hour, Daily 2-5pm, 11pm-close
  • $16 Margherita pizza, $9 street tacos
  • $4.75 select beers (12oz), $10 glasses of wine (9oz)
  • 1/2 off bottles of wine

  • Pablo's Snack House
    Baro (Pablos Snack House) - 458 King St. W

    "Latin inspired shareable plates, for an intimate hangout on the 2nd floor, and one of the best rooftop patios in Toronto"

    The Deal

    $6 Estrella Damm,
    $6 select glasses of wine,
    $6 for 5 oysters,
    $6 tostads, casava frites

    Thurs-Sat: 5-7pm

    Sap Restaurant
    Sap Restaurant - 401 Bay St, Toronto

    "Retro fixture offering locally sourced brunch & other meals, plus a coffee bar & bakery."

    Happy Hour, Tues-Sat 2-6pm
  • $1 ounce of wine
  • $5 draft beer, Bar Rails
  • $10 Classic Cocktails

  • Craft Beer Market
    Craft Beer Market - 1 Adelaide St. E

    "Restaurant, bar, and beer garden with happy hour food and drink specials, and too many deals to list."

    Happy Hour, Mon-Saturday 2-5pm, 9pm-close,
    All day Sunday
  • $5 craft house beer, $6.50 rotating house wine,
  • $5.50 select beers (12oz), $6 sangria (5oz), $4.50 fish taco
  • $10 lb of chicken wings
  • 1/2 priced bottles of wine

  • Cactus Club the deck
    Cactus Club - 77 Adelaide St. W

    "Views, vibes, and a long list of happy hour food & drink specials, with a hip rooftop patio."

    Happy Hour, Everyday 2-5pm, 9pm-close
  • $5 Longboard lager, $6 select wines
  • $7 yam fries, $21 tuna poke bowls
  • 1/2 priced bottles of wine

  • W Burger Bar
    W Burger Bar - 10 College St, Toronto

    A variety of burgers, crafty coktails and $2 (12oz) beers and shooters. Wait, two dollars?"

    Happy Hour, Mon-Friday 3-6pm
  • $6 calamari
  • $6 beef sliders with fries
  • $2 (12oz) PBR, $10 (60z) PBR pitchers

  • Happy Hour in East Toronto
    Irene Corus Quay
    Irene - 25 Dockside Drive, Toronto

    Waterfront... Look at that view, need we say more?

    Happy Hour, Mon-Friday 3-6pm
  • $9 house wines
  • $7.50 rotating draught beers

  • Local leaside
    Local - Leaside - 180 Laird Dr, East York

    "Slick, stylish neighbourhood tavern with elevated pub grub, a rooftop patio, small plates, craft beers, & a wonderful happy hour menu." West enders can check out Local - Liberty Village.

    Happy Hour, Mon-Friday 2-5pm and 9pm-close, Sat-Sunday: 10-2pm
  • $5.50 rails (1oz)
  • 5 select pints
  • $6 mystery wine
    Happy Hour, Mon-Friday 2-5pm, Sat-Sunday: 10-2pm
  • $6 Yam Fries
  • $10.50 Pinche Beef Tacos
  • $14 Hot Wings

  • Eastbound Brewery
    Eastbound Brewing Co. - 700 Queen St E, Toronto

    "Located in the heart of Riverside, this local craft brewpub produces some unique beers with local from-scratch food to match."

    Happy Hour, Mon-Friday 12-6pm
  • $5 house beers (16oz)
  • $5 snacks
  • $6 beers
  • $6 1/2lb mussels

  • Eastbound Brewery
    Beaches Brewing Co. - 1953 Queen St E, Toronto

    "Born in the Beaches neighborhood of Toronto, inspired by beaches around the world, Beaches Brewing Company produces award winning craft beer and food. A brewery, a restaurant, a beach state of mind."

    Happy Hour, Mon-Friday 4-6pm
  • $7 giant pretzels
  • $12 glass of wine (9oz)
  • $12 lb chicken wings

  • Happy Hour Fun Facts

    The practice of holding a 'happy hour' designated to entertainment can be traced back to the United Sates Navy during 1914. 'Happy hour' denoted a time for entertainment, which included boxing, movies, and dancing for the crew while the ships were at sea.

    happy hour history

    Ironically, 'happy hour' was not associated with alcohol until prohibition. In the early 1900s, as a measure to save grain for producing food for the war efforts and to maintain general civility, the Volstead Act (1919) was passed. Prohibition went into affect the following year, in which the U.S. prohibited the manufacturing and sales of alcoholic beverages.

    Despite the new legislation, prohibition was very difficult to enforce. People started hosting 'happy hour' before eating at restaurants, where alcohol was banned. 'Bootlegging' (the illegal production and sale of liquor) and the rise of speakeasies (illegal drinking establishments) became dominant. When prohibition ended in 1933, the concept of drinking before dinner stuck around.

    Perhaps it was because of the ad industry boom of the 1950s, or the new work-life of post WWII, restaurants and bars began holding regular 'happy hours' , baiting their patrons with discounted cocktails and bar food ahead of the dinner rush.

    Is Happy Hour Legal in Ontario?
    • In 1984, Ontario announced a happy hour ban. The government claimed happy hour puts too many drunks on the highways.
    • In 2007, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario adjusted the ban, making it legal for bars to change their drink prices but prohibited them from advertising it as 'happy hour' or 'cheap drinks'.
    • Finally, in 2019, the Ford Government returned happy hour to Ontarians.
    • Happy hour is now legal in all Canadian provinces, though they must conform to provincial regulations that may limit promotional hours, and set minimum alcohol pricing.
    • Happy hour is still banned in many U.S. States: Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah and Vermont.

    The Best Happy Hour Deals in Toronto

    The next time you are with co-workers for Happy Hour, remember to raise a glass in honor of the Navy, the prohibition rebels, and sure, even Doug Ford.

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