10 Good Value Wines Under $10

Good Wine Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

As a wine merchant and sommelier in training, I have been a wine lover for as many years as I can remember.

As the COVID pandemic put many parts of the world in lockdown, I found myself enjoying a little too many 'happy hours' at home; which sparked my search and thirst for good wines at affordable prices.

Here is a list of wines I really enjoy under $10. I have selected wines from different parts of the world with different origins, so we can travel the globe together without leaving home.

Portugual - land of great food & affordable wines

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dealiem portuguese budget wine
Casal Garcia Vinho Verde DO -$9.95

Our first sip is a white wine made of a traditional Portuguese grape called Loureiro. This wine is a classic from Vinho Verde, and one of the most famous wine regions in Portugal. Casal Garcia Vinho Verde is actually the best selling vinho verde worldwide. It is a light (9.5%) and crisp dry wine (sugar content: 10g/L). It has notes of lime, green apple, and mineral, and really refreshing!

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Julia Florista Red -$8.95

The second sip is a red blend, called Julia Florista Red. This is a full-bodied (13%) and dry wine (sugar content: 10g/L). Despite the alcohol content, it is an easy wine to drink. It has notes of cherry, plums, chocolate, and soft tannins.

Spain - on a budget

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Toro Bravo Tempranillo Merlot, DO Valencia -$8.25

Our next sip is a red blend of Tempranillo (one of the biggest grapes in Iberic) and Merlot grapes called Toro Bravo. This wine is from Valencia, a region known for its oranges, paella, and wine. This is a smooth, medium-bodied (13%) and dry wine (11g/L). It has well-balanced acidity and medium tannins. Pay attention to notes of plum, cherry and oak.

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El Abuelo Organic Sauvignon-Verdejo -$9.95

Let's head over to the Almansa region of Spain, known for its castle and vineyards. Our next sip is a white blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo grapes called El Abuelo Organic Sauvignon-Verdejo.- Yes, organic wine does not have to be expensive! This is a light (12.5%) and dry wine (7g/ L). It is a crisp wine with notes of citrus, green apple, and tropical fruits.

Puglia - Italy's secret to value wine

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dealiem italy budget wine
Fantini Farnese Sangiovese IGT -$8.95

Stop number five is a red wine produced with one of the most planted grapes in Italy, the Sangiovese. Fantini Farnese Sangiovese IGT, also from Puglia, is a medium-bodied (12.5%), dry wine (11g/L) with soft tannins. This wine has notes of cherry, vanilla, and smoke. It is a really versatile wine to pair with pastas and meats.

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San Marzano Primitivo Puglia IGP -$8.45

The next sip is also a red wine produced with Primitivo (also known as Zinfandel in the U.S.) from Puglia. San Marzano Primitivo Puglia IGP is a full-bodied (13.5%) and dry wine (14g/L). This wine has notes of cherry, plum, pepper and it has light tannins.

Australia - Shiraz from Down Under

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dealiem australia budget wine
McGuigan Black Label Shiraz -$9.95

McGuigan Black Label Shiraz is a varietal of Syrah (or Shiraz), the most popular grape in Australia. This is a red, full-bodied (13%) and dry (12g/L) wine. It has aromas of blackcurrant, spices, oak, and medium tannins.

Argentina - put some pep in your tango

dealiem argentina budget wine
Finca Los Primos Malbec -$9.85

Alright, turn up that Latin music and get ready to Tango. This is a red wine, made with the most famous grape in Argentina, Malbec. Finca Los Primos Malbec is a wine from the Mendoza region of Argentina. As you probably would expect from a Malbec, this is a full-bodied (13.5%), dry (6g/L) wine. It has aromas of ripe fruits such as black cherry and plum, vanilla, and medium tannins.

U.S.A. - California dreamin'

dealiem california budget wine
Barefoot Cellars Pink Moscato -$9.95

Last but not least, is a rose wine produced with Moscato, from California. Barefoot Cellars Pink Moscato, is a light (9%) and sweet (72g/L) wine. It has notes of strawberry, orange, raspberry, and floral.

Canada - home sweet home

dealiem california budget wine
Inniskillin Cabernet Franc VQA -$7.25

Well, after this long and exciting trip, it is time to return to Canada. - Welcome back! The tenth and last wine is a VQA from Ontario. Inniskillin Cabernet Franc is a medium-bodied (12.5%), extra dry (2g/L), red wine produced with Cabernet Franc. This wine has aromas of raspberry, blackberry, herb, oak, and soft tannins. A great treat to welcome you home!

I hope you all enjoyed our recommendations for great value wines. Be safe, be kind.

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Patricia M.

Patricia M.

Wine merchant, sommelier in training, and internationally trained lawyer.

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